Storms of Lazarus is out now!

Storms of Lazarus is out now! This book is the sequel to Shadows of Asphodel, and it’s approximately 110% more awesome. Snag your ebook on Amazon today.

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An excerpt from Storms of Lazarus…

Wendel kissed her with gentle certainty. His hand curled around her neck and held her closer. Snow fell and hushed the sound of all but their heartbeats. Ardis melted in his arms, all her bruises and fears forgotten. He kissed her until she could only cling to him, and then he kissed her again, on the curve of her neck.
“Are you cold?” Wendel said.
“A little,” Ardis said.
He drew back and arched an eyebrow.
“A lot,” she admitted.
Wendel climbed to his feet and clasped her hands. “Inside with you, woman.”
“You can’t call me that.”
His smile looked like it should accompany a halo. “Wife?”
Ardis grimaced. “Husband.”
“Darling,” he said.
“Little honeybee.”
She burst out laughing. “What the hell?”
Wendel tugged Ardis to her feet. She stumbled against him, and he held her there.
“No one has ever called you that?” he said.
“Not ever.”
Ardis rolled her eyes. “Jealous of hypothetical German men?”
“Should I be?”
“Let me think.” She paused. “No. You win.”
Ardis started to walk—or limp, rather—and Wendel supported her weight on his arm.
“You must be my prize,” he said.


(The paperback will take a few more weeks, since I need to proof a physical copy.)