Specters of Nemesis

Fantasy romance

Until death do us part…

Wendel crossed the street with his hand inside his coat. He staggered, his breath fogging the winter air, and coughed.

Ardis clenched the chestnut in her fist. “Wendel?”

He sank onto the bench, unsteady on his feet. Was he drunk? If she had to bet, her money would be on Enderman’s, that German beer hall. Wind ruffled his black hair. He combed it with his fingers, his white skin stained red.

“Blood?” Her voice sounded brittle. “Wendel!”

He looked sideways at her. Daylight glinted in his eyes, shifting them from green to gray. “I should have never left the Hex.”

Why would he care about a curse thousands of miles away? Unless…

She yanked aside the lapel of his coat. Under the black wool, blood crawled over his shirt, leaking from a gunshot wound.

Her breath stopped dead in her throat. “You got shot.”

“Evidently.” His smile was unconvincing, his hands trembling too hard.

“We have to get you to a hospital.”

“Not the hospital.”

“That wasn’t a suggestion.” She grabbed his arm. “Who shot you?”

“No one.”

“This isn’t the time for sarcasm!”

He leaned heavily on her as they stood. “Ardis, I don’t think I can make it.”

“You don’t have a choice.”

Book #3 in Shadows of Asphodel series

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