Young adult paranormal

What he doesn’t know might kill him.

One winter long ago, Tavian Kimura watched his mother—a kitsune, or Japanese fox-spirit—leave him in the snow for the dogs. But that’s a memory buried beneath eleven years, and he has lived most of his life in America with his adoptive family and his girlfriend, Gwen.

Now he’s back. All it took was an invitation to spend New Year’s with his grandparents, and Tavian finds himself in Tokyo with Gwen by his side. It should be a time of celebration, but it becomes a time of nightmares. A faceless ghost haunts Tavian, warning him that “she” is coming. A gang of inugami—fiercely loyal dog-spirits—wants him dead. Why? The inugami believe he strongly resembles one of their most hated enemies, a kitsune named Yukimi.

Is Yukimi the mother who abandoned him? Tavian never knew her true name. He doesn’t even know his own true name, the key to a kitsune’s magic. And soon his untrained magic threatens to kill him, straining his half-human body. Tavian realizes that finding his mother might be the only way to find answers, before it’s too late.

Book #3 in the Other series

Cold scrapes every bit of warmth from my skin. Above the howling wind, I hear a woman’s scream. The sound cuts straight to my bone. The wind shifts, and she screams again. Not a woman—a vixen’s cry. I run, stumbling, numb, until I trip sprawling in the snow. Flurries descend on me, burying me. My teeth chatter so hard they hurt.

Before me, a geisha-pale woman stands in the snow. Her hair flies like a ragged black banner, flecked with snow. She wears a gleaming white kimono—the color of a bride, or of the dead. She lifts her arms to me, beckoning. Her red lips part, and she screams again. The call of a vixen who has lost her kit.

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“The kitsune legend has never looked so good. Tavian is one sexy fox.” – Julie KagawaNew York Times bestselling author of The Iron King.

“An enjoyable, mystical coming-of-age, complete with quick getaways, motorcycle chases and no distraction from the already-established, comfortable romance.” – Kirkus Reviews

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