Crave the Rose

Crave the Rose - EbookNew Adult contemporary romance (ages 17+)

They both know what it means to be broken.

Bram, an Irish charmer, hides dark secrets behind his wolfish smile. Since dropping out of Oxford, he struggles with epilepsy, fighting to remain whole. Cassia hides behind her tattoos and bad girl attitude, hurt one too many times to believe in a happy ending.

Together, they work on Wolfenwold Hall, a crumbling manor house tangled in a garden run wild, while the attraction between them blazes out of control. Can they find a second chance before it’s too late to save each other?

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“Bram exudes charm and vulnerability all at the same time. He’ll remind you more of a damaged hero from classic literature than a contemporary heartthrob book-boyfriend, and I found that a refreshing change of pace. But, make no mistake; Bram still makes the book boyfriend cut. He’s sweet, fragile, and struggling to stay in control.” – Book-Bosomed Blog

Crave the Rose by Karen Kincy is a wonderfully written book about two people denying their love for each other from the obstacles of their past, or the situation of the present. It is a romance novel and a great one at that! It had you on the whirlwind of emotions and of course had me turning the pages to find out what happens next.” – Summer’s Book Blog

“I loved the characterization in this book. Cassia was someone who is shameless and has got a dirty mouth for a heroine whereas here it’s Bram, the hero, who blushes all the time (not in a bad way) They rocked together. ” – Peek at My Book Review

“Cassia is just wonderful. She’s damaged, screwed up, and entirely inappropriate in every sense of the word. However, she’s also strong, smart, and unapologetic.” – Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Books


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