Book #2 in the Other series (Flux, September 8, 2011)

The moon rises like a rotten silver fruit, oozing juice onto the land. A shiver scuttles down my arms. A wind blows my way, filling my nose with the scent of arriving rain, lichen, leaves… and the faint, wild, musky smell of wolf. I clench my toes inside my shoes, tense but unsure where to go or what to do.

A hoarse whisper, close to my ear. “You know you don’t belong here.”

My head snaps to the right, and I’m staring into the dark eyes of him, Randall, the werewolf. A fist clenches my guts. Words choke my throat. You want to fight? You here to kill me?

Brock Koeman lost his brother to werewolves. Now he’s in danger of losing himself. Bitten by a werewolf at sixteen, he fights the transformation, taking the excruciating pain as a punishment for his mistakes. With the help of a risky drug called Lycanthrox, he’s managed to stay human for two full moons. But he knows he can’t last much longer.

Hungry for revenge, Brock vows to kill the silver wolf who bit him. But Brock’s ex, the fiery Cynthia Lopez, still cares about him enough not to let him do anything suicidally dangerous—never mind that Cyn gets her thrills from danger herself. Together again, the heat between them rekindles, but Brock feels like a beast beside her beauty. He can’t stay with her; he can’t ignore the werewolves howling outside his window. When he hunts down the pack, Cyn doesn’t sit on the sidelines. She’s right beside him as they get taken hostage and start running with the werewolves, the police hot on their tails. Brock has to get a grip on who he truly is—before the wolf within kills him, or someone else does.

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“With Bloodborn, Karen Kincy opens a frightening new chapter in the werewolf legacy. Brilliant, dark, and filled with haunting images. Highly recommended.” — Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Rot & Ruin and King of Plagues

“A bridge between paranormals and boys’ realism about thugs and delinquents, reminiscent of Neal Shusterman’s Dark Fusion: Red Rider’s Hood (2005)”—Kirkus Reviews

“Teens will enjoy this alternate-reality story of a young man trying to come to terms with what he is.”—VOYA


What readers are saying…

“Karen Kincy is my new definition of pure paranormal YA. In a genre that seems to have gotten quickly populated with often stereotypical and romance-prevalent light reads, Bloodborn shines with its gritty edge and intense action (particularly at the end, wow).” – Books At Midnight

Other was amazingly unique and incredibly addicting–so I had high hopes for Bloodborn. Thankfully, my high hopes were met.” – Zoe’s Book Reviews

“The world of the Others is rich and deep with vibrant and gritty characters. Ms. Kincy’s masterful storytelling has brought me to empathize and care for a character I never thought I would. Bloodborn is a wonderful addition to the Others series and to the varied and intricate tapestry of the YA world.” – Bibliophilic Book Blog

“The plot line of this book is just filled with pure awesomeness. I love turning the next page cause I knew I would not be disappointed. Ms. Kincy did a great job in keeping the reader ensnared in her writing and taking them on a great reading adventure.” – Books with Bite

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Today, I am hosting Nina Rossing for the YA Scavenger Hunt! We both love the number 13, which has always been good luck for me. Welcome, Nina! I’ve never been to Norway, though the fjords look gorgeous.

Nina Rossing lives in Norway, where the winters are long and the summers short. Despite the brilliant nature surrounding her, she spends more time in front of her computer, or with a book in her hands, than in the great outdoors – though you may find her out on her mountain bike if the weather is good.

She prefers creating young adult stories where obstacles are overcome and endings are hopeful. Her debut YA novel SUPERMASSIVE came out in 2014, and her second novel FJORD BLUE was published in March 2016. Her next YA, MICK & MICHELLE, will be available in late fall 2017.

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Seventeen-year-old Benjamin is shipped off to work on his grandparents’ remote farm in the fjords of Western Norway for the summer. It’s not like he didn’t deserve it. After all, he crashed his dad’s vintage Bonneville in a car-chase duel on a Miami freeway.

Norway is cold and rainy, the farm is desolate and resists modernization, and the grandparents are quiet and religious. On to the scene waltzes Even, the eighteen-year-old farmhand, who counters Ben’s restlessness and complaints with friendship, fresh perspectives, and secret problems of his own.

As the friendship deepens, the two boys learn that secrets can turn into both beautiful and ugly truths, and that support can be found in unexpected places.

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