Happy New Year

Happy New Year! My resolutions:

  1. Finish writing a longer novel. Specters of Nemesis is next on the list, since I know you guys have been waiting patiently.
  2. Write something shorter. Kiss of the Rhinemaiden, Felicia Kitling, Unseen, Celestial, or something totally random.
  3. Write for fun! 2015 was the year of writing angst. “What should I write next? Why do I have ninety million unfinished manuscripts? Who will actually read any of this…?”
  4. Read at least 100 books. I’m cheating and counting the books I read late this year.
  5. Survive grad school. I’m working on my Master of Science in Computational Linguistics right now.
  6. Welcome Baby Ruby in 2016. 🙂

What are your hopes and dreams for the new year?

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